How does the previous statement play out as a “Research Statement”? What it means is that my work deals with a large variety of influences, and in synthesizing those influences into a unique human voice.

Synthesizing” because I do not quote styles. I reference styles as a starting point, but that reference is blended back into the other influences at play.

Influences” because all of my experiences, or all that I have ever looked at, is inside me to be re-surfaced and become an “influence” on my thinking. My work may bear some resemblance to this or that cultural influence, but that influence is the starting point for a discussion about what that influence “means to me”.

“Unique human voice” because the real object of my “research” is me. I make creative statements that take all forms: sculptural, digital, painting, animation, user experience development, next generation mentoring. These statements are made with very clear intent to separate out what I have learned in life, or what I believe to be true, from what political or economic structures may exist in the world.