bird parents, bird nest and human

entirely hand-painted and sculpted papier-mâché figure holding bird. It is lightweight (under 15 pounds) and durable; with a foam base and cellulose clay skin. It is sealed with polyurethane.

It has a surreal, but serene presence; calm and restful. It is evocative of Alebrije Oaxacan Mexican folk art but made by me in North Carolina.

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Evil Minion Sitting in a tower

Evil Minion perches atop a tower tormenting a caged human, while down below other humans trudge in an endless circle.

This is mixed media (cellulose clay, nails, tacks, brads, wire, acrylic, enamel, and oil paints, foam core, insulation foam) 34″x20″x20″,© 2023. 

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