The Green Room

From the Press Release:

When life gives you failures, turn it in to PUBLIC ART!

The Green Room Project was conceived after a failed public art attempt on NC State University’s Centennial Campus. The idea spawned from a short walk and realizing what space is available for an art installation, and what could possibly be undertaken. As Centennial Campus reinvents itself as an innovation district and a destination for collaboration, the idea of a “City within a City” came to mind.

Greg Carter and Jude DesNoyer, both NC State University employees (Greg a professor in the College of Design, Jude an activation programmer in the Real Estate Office), had a passion to bring some sort of installation to life…in hopes that whatever was created could be shown to the people of NC State, City of Raleigh, and visitors from near and far.

“A City within A City” unites Centennial Campus; a community of students, professionals, university employees, who come from different places around the globe. Together we are one city and this piece represents how we can bring all of our cultures together

Sit down. Relax. Take a moment. Imagine what is taking place in your city.

Shimmer: The Art of Light

February 10, 2017.

25 artists will light up the night in conjunction with February’s 2nd Friday ArtWalk. The event covers a 5 block radius around the border between Chapel Hill and Carrboro, NC and features art with light as a primary component. Explore illuminated art installations, light projections and programs from Carrboro’s ArtsCenter to Roberson Street and beyond in Chapel Hill.

2017  Light Art+Design hosts selections from The Enchanted Arcana in an indoor location.

2016 across the street from Light Art + Design the Arcana animation is projected.